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Implement sustainable programs that improve livelihood of the marginalized community.



 To be a leader in facilitating socio-economic empowerment of marginalized community through promotion of improved agriculture production, entrepreneurship skills development, local resources mobilization & relevant cross cutting issues.


Peer Educator is educating students by showing a sample of reusable sanitary towels/Pads for menstual hygiene management 


TA Foundation is a non-profit organization that implements various projects, one of its projects being empowering Most Vulnerable Students who are in schools through promotion and education on Menstrual Hygiene. Menstrual Hygiene is a reproductive health issue that affects girls in and out of schools in rural areas. Girls reaching puberty face limitation during menstruation attributed taboos about menses, lack of affordable sanitary pads and school facility that enable girls to manage their menses. On taboos, girls are taught menstruation is a shameful experience, making it difficult for them to comprehend that it is a natural part of womanhood and biological condition. Lack of this knowledge has caused girls absenteeism in school during menses, resulting in high levels of truancy and poor performance. It is with this reasons the Foundation has decided to empower these girls through providing low cost sanitary pads along with menstrual hygiene management and sexual reproductive health education through outreach sessions that provides menstrual hygiene information to prevent girls from health risky, poor school performance and poverty later on in life.

These sanitary towels are more affordable and safer than alternatives. Girls who are unable to afford sanitary towels often find themselves improvising unhygienic and inadequate alternatives, such as using materials that endanger their health-the situation which is extremely risky or sometimes lead to staying home from school on days when they have their period.

After implementing of the project, a short evaluation has done on the girls’ attendance to schools during menstrual periods; the report reveals that girls’ absenteeism from schools/classes and poor performance were highly caused by menstrual periods is almost over. Their number of attendance at all classes is good, that is a sign that there is both a desire and a need to improve women’s menstrual health in this areas, the project  hopes to be part of the solution especially on improving MVC on Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) through provision of reusable sanitary pads.




Interesting Story


Story from Tutindaga Anyelwise, widow from Bujesi village - Southern part of Tanzania. “We would love to express our heartfelt thanks to TA foundation Team for training and supporting us, as women in the village our Income has increased so now our children can go to school. We can buy necessary dresses for them. Cash is very important for me. I had no cash before, so could not do anything on my own. I had to exchange goods with others and had no choice. Now I can earn, save and think and plan for tomorrow which was not possible before”.

Through the project impacts apart from micro businesses that we are running as a group, I have two dairy goats and my own beehives that I earn money by selling milk, honey and its related products. I can run my family better and I’m happy about that. My two children now go to school, get basic human needs on time such as food,clothes and I have money to buy medicine when they become sick” 


Empowering in-school rural students with Sanitary Pads

TA Foundation is a non-profit organization that implements various projects, one of its projects being empowering Most Vulnerable students..... Read More

Women and Honey Making

Beekeeping project and its advantage resulting honey is rich, sweet and delicious. However, it’s what it can do for the women of the village that is really impressive. It wasn’t long ago that women were excluded from honey making altogether.

‘Traditionally it was the men of the village who produced honey, and we women were excluded. TA Foundation approached women in the villages, and showed them that they could also produce honey like men.’ Said Tumaini.

‘Traditionally,Honey used to be harvested from high up in tall trees, the tree would be set on fire to scare off the bees, and the collecting was done in the middle of the night in darkness! This made it very dangerous, and with this way of getting honey it was difficult for the women of the village to take part.’

Tumaini thinks for a moment before continuing ‘It makes me feel very happy, as something that was not possible is now possible. We would just stand by and watch as the men got the honey, now we have better knowledge and can get our own.

The honey we produce has good quality, even if we make a smaller amount people will always buy. As the days go on, we shall increase the production per hive. Previously, people would not try honey even for 10 years! Now we have it all of the time, so people in the community are very happy because of the project because through this,they can get money for purchasing basic human needs for their families.’

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