Timiza Action Foundation is a locally registered nonprofit and Non-Governmental organization. The established entity/organization is operating in four Districts of Rungwe, Kyela, Mbarali and Mbeya Rural Districts in Mbeya Region since 2010 as a group. Even through it is planning to extend its services to other marginalized communities in the countries, because the need to of the community is too high compared to the resources that the organization has. On 30th November, 2016, the group registered as an organization with the National NGOs coordination board as a Non-Government Organisation (NGO) with the registration number OONGO0008944. The organization has registered to operate in the whole Mainland Tanzania, except Zanzibar isles.

TA Foundation) serves the community in areas of HIV/AIDS Prevention and impact mitigation; sexual and reproductive Health; Resources mobilization skills, job creation through local available resources, Environmental conservation and management, Sustainable agriculture and livestock development, education support to MVC/OVC and Implementation of operational research in addressing youth and community issues and concerns.

The organization is membership based; it is non-religious, non-tribal, non-political, and non-segregative in any way. The organization has a well-functioning Board, competent and qualified leadership under Executive Director who is supported by an Accountant, Human resources Officer, Head of Departments and program officers.